It Starts Now

 This year we have decided to give each other one gift and donate the rest of the money to our favorite charity in honor of our friends and family. This is the year – It Starts Now. The highlight of the year once again is Toys for Tots. Each year we have a Toys for Tots party all are invite to the open house of fun and laughter.  Neighbors having parties, collecting can goods for the food panty and charities alike.  What will your Christmas be like? The true spirit of Christmas comes from within not what’s under the tree. It starts now by giving back to those, who would not be able to give to others. Imagine the smile on a child’s face, whose dearest wish was that truck or doll that will sit in a corner and never be used.  That smile is a jacket or two that waits in the closet to be worn, but never is. That smile is a meal waiting to be prepared for a family whose is ridden with illness. It is the smile of neighbor who has lost their job, yet is a shame to reach out. It Starts Now. Look around you and see. It Starts with you and me. It Starts Now. May your Christmas be as meaningful and peaceful as ours will be. May your New Year be bless with joy to last the ages. Cherish your children they are the life you have lived before you had them.

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