The New America

Wow! My life has changed. Never could I have imagined that this would happen. You can ask yourself, did this really happen? Yes it did. Are we better people? That would remain to be seen. It is nice to see some of the changes taking place-connecting to one another.

Changes keep coming. Shifting the realities of time. Making people feel that all things can happen based on what we do with ourselves. How we make the changes in ourselves is what really matters.

Our children our changing right before our eyes. Becoming what they were born to become – no negative influences do we need to include.

I am changing into someone I want to become. How about you? Who do you want to become now?

In the gentle night ….

Your thoughts are a part of who you will become.


A New Day is Dawning

obama We wonder what the day will bring as our nation begins to come to terms with change. The change becomes more evident as the days change into the next. This history making event effects an entire world. On this moment of change I am faced to recognize my own ideas about what is to come. I am excited for our nation as we begin to heal the wounds. We must begin the long journey together to make a new life for our children who will inherit what is to be.

All things will come to pass – new ideas will form and life will begin a new. As I continue to acknowledge that it will be what it’s going to be. Let us begin with compassion for all in a world that is in desperate need of just such a thing.

Let us define compassion by looking into the eyes of our brother and sister and recognizing that we are in deed one. A new day is dawning – are you ready? I am.

In the warmth of the snow

Today has been one of those days, that makes you just want to stay inside and give thanks for all your blessings. It was snowing and sleeting for most of the day.  I felt comfort in knowing I was loved and I was warm in my pajamas.  🙂 Well it will be short lived as I have to attend a meeting later, and I suspect that I too will find some comfort in that as well. Stay warm and know you are loved my someone near or far.  May your night be as gentle as the summer moon on a starry night.

Thoughts for the New Year

As I write this, I am reminded of the many moments of last year. The ups and downs and the history making moments in our lives. My son turned 16 last year. Still struggling with who is he and why he is. All things relevant for a teenager. I am however grateful to be his mother.

As the December ended last night and January began my life came into focus all the things that must change in order for us as a family to move forward.  All things must change in order for me as an individual to move forward on this journey. Lessons I must learn and doors I must close on old issues.  I am thankful to be here in the New Year to experience all that life has to offer in the coming months. Although I know not what those experiences will be, I must wait for the moments to arrive in order to take part in the lessons I must learn. For now I will wait contently for them to arrive. 

The sun is out here, and as cold as it may be, I am still grateful for it all. I am not a winter fan but I accept the gifts as they are given. I like living in the here and now. I am ALIVE NOW. My life is full.