What comes after

This year started out with such anticipation of what January 20th held in store for us. Excitement still lives after that extraordinary day. I say it with honor and pride as it rolls off my tongue. President Obama and our first lady Michelle what a blessing for our country. Some people still think they are dreaming. Wake up people, you are not dreaming. Yes, it is true. There is an answer to our global prayers for change. It has come to the White House that was built by our ancestors. Glory to the most high. Indeed we are thankful for your grace. On that day as the tears flowed with joy, a new nation was born unto us. A nation of people who vow to help change a country in desperate need of an over haul. Cleaning out the cob webs that were to thick to see through. Now that is a task for anyone.

As we go through this life with a renewed sense of purpose to all people. I am excited still at all the stars in the sky that our children can all reach if given the opportunity. So what does come after all the excitement? Work. Some of the hardest work that will ever be done. Despite the ignorant who send their wishes for our president to fail, he will successful at pulling a nation to it’s feet. Not because of who he is, but because of who we are.

I am doing my part to teach my children and others what it means to be yourself. What it means to be confident. what it means to a member of a country  who is struggling to survive  and giving back to those in need. To help feed and clothe those who cannot do it for themselves, so that they will be able to help another in need. So what comes after that glorious day? work I say. work hard to open your  heart and mind. DO not let yourself get stale in the same old things of the past. Reach for the new beginning that has come at last. So what does come after?

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