Something About a Sunday Morning

As I enter and sit I look around at the place I call my home. I see faces familiar and some not so much so, yet still they are family. They are welcome in my heart as see their face. As I sit in my quiet corner in the back, I am reminded that again I am there to serve others and nourish my soul through a beautiful balance of love and understanding. This place I find comfort in – is a place that you should come to. It provides a peacefulness, similar to natures backdoor of the wilderness that has been removed from so many. The voices of the children bring back those childhood moments of long ago. It’s a place I am welcome all year long. I could leave once day and return to hear the same old song. Welcome home.

One thought on “Something About a Sunday Morning

  1. It is always a comfort to see you and be with you, a member of MY family, in “your” seat in the back row 🙂 Your spirit is a gift to this world. I am so grateful to be with you.

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