*Merry Christmas* From the Colchester Gang

Camilla says that change becomes the constant in which all things become true. This has certainly been the case this year for the Ross family. One of the tender moments this year was the passing of Jack’s brother Alan in October. Alan was a beacon for Jack. Alan personified a life well lived, with courage and dignity. His laughter is still heard in the walls of all of our hearts. As we move forward to claim a new year Alan will still be at the forefront of our hearts. The void we all feel will eventually be replaced with a comfort in knowing that he is with us still in all the memories he left behind.

Changing still, Grandma Ross brought her command post to Colchester, and a most welcome addition to the Colchester Gang. J Cinnamon and Muffin each have taken turns welcoming her to the fold, Cinnamon with eating her socks and tissues and with Muffin sleeping on her bed in a very special spot. Grandma has settled in comfortably and has found some nice folks at the senior center that enjoy Bridge as much as herself! She is never to far from a deck of cards and always ready to deal a hand.

Joe is in his senior year at Bacon Academy, hard to believe he is a senior but a senior he is. He still is an avid artist; with one of his works entered into the 53rd regional exhibit this year. Keeping with the artistry, Joe has taken to designing his own line of clothes, which look pretty Rad!

Camilla is going 900mph while teaching accounting at Three Rivers and guiding her theater company (Emerson Theater Collaborative…check it out on line) into its third season. ETC receiving its federally approved non-profit status earlier this year was fantastic news. Camilla and her board have planned a vigorous 2010 schedule which we are sure will find us housing some interesting actors during the course of the year.

Jack is still on the international routes and got to Africa, Africa…. And well Africa! He actually did make it to some other locations but routinely Africa was on the menu. Jack enjoys taking his camera along and regularly captures some neat shots…Google OK3 Photography to see some of his shots.

Mike is doing great in school out west and Jessica is still the diamond lady working hard to make us sparkle.

This year has brought us many blessings but more importantly it has brought us closer together as a family. May the peace of  Christ be with you always, and remember the true reason for the season.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

(Grandma Ross, Camilla, Jack, Joe, Cinnamon & Muffin)

Old World <em>Christmas Wreath</em> - 18 and quot;


Reason for the Season

I would like to think that many are on their journey to discover something new about who they are. The reason for this season is something I feel many are seeking by way of their journey. I welcome all who wish to share their witness about the season. Yesterday in a conversation with my husband, i said ” what if everyone believed that Christmas was everyday?”  Imagine what our world would be like if all people thought in that context. Christmas is everyday, such a simple beautiful phrase. The experiences we could have if we treated people with respect, LOVE, dignity and COMPASSION. These are the gifts we should be giving on a daily basis to all people not just our family and friends. I am bless to be here, and knowing that someone loved me enough to be born 1 lb 15 ounces in 1963 for me to share my journey.

I am enjoying my journey hear on earth – learning, teaching and listening to others on their journey. Finding time to help others through out the year. Caring for those in need now is so important. Remember the reason for the season. It is about love. Loving your neighbor, a stranger, or a friend. Love starts in the eyes, what many will see through your eyes is love.

Your smile comes right through your eyes and says…welcome to my world..I am willing to share myself with you. Teaching our children these valuable lessons of life, because it really does start at home. May life find you searching for a new identity to to continue to grow into who you are meant to be.  A servant to the world.

Merry Christmas!