A year of change

So, the moments continue to change. Matthew Hightower, a colleague of mine passed away on July 5th of this year. As the days and months role by I continue to look back at the moments for some meaning and understanding. The campus remains in change due to his passing – at least that is what I feel today. I often find myself thinking about questions that I need to ask and who to ask. It has not been an easy change for me, but a change none the less.  Each day presents itself with a sense of freedom from the day before. I can now find some laughter again in my work.

It hasn’t been easy – but it is worth all the weight and gold when I can find meaning in the moments of the day.  I find my working hard towards my goals that I have for this year.

My son Joe has graduated high school and I continue to be proud of the changes in which he is making. He is changing all the time. What a pleasure it is to see him grow and blossom into a wonderful human being. He is such a gift to me and his new adventures into college life.  One moment at a time sweet Jesus! One moment at a time.

I am waiting for God to give me direction for my journey will continue. I have been blessed with a family who is supportive and loving. I only need continue prayers, which is something we can always use.



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