Harriet Tubman’s Dream

Emerson Theatre Collaborative Announces Production of Harriet Tubman’s Dream

February 5, 2011/New London, CT . . . In celebration of Black History Month, the play, Harriet Tubman’s Dream will be performed on February 5, 2011 at The Writer’s Block INK, in New London. Harriet Tubman was an African American, abolitionist, anti-slavery activist, suffragist and one of the greatest American humanitarians that ever lived. After escaping slavery, into which she was born, she made thirteen missions to personally rescue over seventy slaves with the help of the Underground Railroad and helped another 60 slaves plan and carryout their own escapes. She worked closely with many well-known abolitionists including Frederick Douglass and John Brown. During the Civil War, she worked as a nurse, scout and spy for the Union Army without financial compensation. Throughout her life, she worked tirelessly and selflessly to end injustice and to obtain freedom, equality and dignity for all people. To help support herself, the fugitive slave community and to finance her rescue missions, Harriet Tubman worked as a cook, domestic servant and gave dramatic storytelling performances of her life. At parlor socials or at church meetings, she performed to great acclaim for many prominent abolitionists, suffragists and the literary elite in New England. In Harriet Tubman’s Dream, Camilla Ross portrays Tubman giving one of her storytelling performances in Boston.

Camilla Ross performs Harriet Tubman’s Dream. Ms. Ross is the current president and founder of the Emerson Theater Collaborative, and a graduate of Emerson College in Boston. Camilla spent time studying with the Actor’s Workshop of Boston. Drawing on over 20 years of theatrical experience, ranging from commercials to regional theater, Camilla is leading and shaping ETC from the ground up as one of the first professional theaters in southeastern Connecticut. She is the theatrical advisor and acting coach for the SPAG Players at Three Rivers Community College in Norwich, CT. She is a current board and choral member with the Connecticut Lyric Opera of New London. Camilla is a former board member and acting instructor for the Writer’s Block, Ink of New London, CT. Camilla is currently a part-time business faculty member of the Three Rivers Community College, teaching a variety of business courses. She currently sits on the Emerson Alumni Board, as one of the co-presidents of the CT Chapter. As an actress, she was seen most recently in John Patrick Shanley’s play “Doubt,” playing the role of Mrs. Mueller, and as Harriet Tubman in Lisa Giordano’s “Harriet Tubman’s Dream,” and as Chessie in “Chestina Vanessa Poulson” by Melanie Greenhouse.

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