Now is the time! Suicide Prevention is needed!

As a mother, educator, activist, and community member I am very ANGRY of what happened in Sandybrook Elementary School in Newton CT.  That beautiful town that I once lived in has has lost its innocent and is shattered. There have been many nights that I have been unable to sleep for being uncomfortable about the lack of urgency for this epidemic. The words I have spoken about suicide prevention and mental health have come full circle and it’s frightening.

My journey has not been one of ease, but one of compassion for another human being. As I have travel through life, watching loved ones; friends and others leave this world too soon due to metal illness and other issues that could have been prevented if only someone would listen.  Our congressional leaders are also responsible for helping to change what needs to be changed. Stand up with us and take a stand for mental illness, and ask our leaders to provide the funding necessary.

As a producer of theater for social change I have been working with a partner to bring to light more awareness about suicide prevention.  I have been living, breathing and fighting this battle for so long that it has become engrained in me. There are so many Americans who are battling with mental health issues that it’s staggering. 

We continue to PATCH the wound instead of find the solution to the problem. WE are all accountable and responsible for this plight.  Countless lives of babies, and adults were lost because we fail to provide the necessary services for our families and its children.

We have failed as parents, neighbors and communities because we are not tending to our duties as good citizens. Our duty is to love and help one another. It’s time to STOP and go back to our values of respecting one another and help those who are in need.

Our Project I AM WORTHY addresses the issues of Suicide in away that educates and brings people together. Please support our project  I am worthy and help us support our communities.

I am thankful to our President who is ever-present in times of great need.

May we find a moment to pray, hug our children and one another.









Life will not wait for you….

Each season I learn something new. I have long since given up on those people who have their own agenda, and are blind to what’s really important. “PEOPLE”

Your latest play isn’t as important as the message of being part of someone’s life. Your lack of understanding that it’s not about competition, but of collaboration is what you’re missing. “People make the moments in your life”  

Camilla Ross says to you….”Life will not wait for you to catch up. It will kindly bid you farewell on it’s way by leaving wrinkles to show for its time.  

Leaving you wondering were it all went.  Or leaving you with your age and ignorance in tow. It’s your choice how you chose to spend it.