42 Jackie Robinson

42 Jackie Robinson

It’s extraordinary in life when we find a person who can move a mountain and never touch it. ~ Camilla Ross


You are Worthy a missed post

There is so much that I want to say about my life leading up to this weekend’s Suicide prevention awareness forum called I Am Worthy.  How many people in our world today actually feel like they are worthy? I really don’t want to answer that question because I know it would be to many to count.

These past few months have been some busy months for me.  However they are months that I wouldn’t change. Spending time with friends and family have been great, but the time I have spent with myself has been priceless.  

Recreating my childhood memories, the good ones and the bad has allowed me to come full circle in knowing who I really am.  Accepting the ability in my disability and accepting the Aspergers in me.  Accepting me for me. 

 The struggles of my childhood are far behind me today but I remember them just the same. I don’t want to forget them. I want to learn as much as I can from them and teach as much as I can about them. Why? ( Someone may ask) I say why not? I never want another child on the spectrum to feel the way I felt.  I want each child to feel they are worth all the gold the world has to offer.

The times I spent fishing with my dad are the times I felt secure in being me. I didn’t need to pretend because he knew and love me. Just for me.  For in the silence and the calmness of fishing there were moments when I felt I could have moved a mountain. Even when others couldn’t see it.

The dreadful school days are no more. I love school now! Because I get to teach with creativity, compassion and excitement about life in a whole new way. It’s called MY WAY!

I am so glad to be different. If I only knew then what I know now. So many of us say… Well I am glad that I know it now because the rest of my life is going to be grand.  How I see the world today, tomorrow and forever more will be t he way I want to see it. Not the way someone else WANTS me to see it. I don’t have to conform to their way of thinking, and nor do I want to. I am free to be me.  I Am Worthy to be ME!

Please join me for the I Am Worthy Suicide Prevention Project with the production of , by Josh Rivedal at Union Baptist Church 119 High Street. Mystic CT 06355 April 5th -7th, 2013. You’ll be glad you did. 

Come and celebrate the Emerson Theater Collaborative’s 5th Birthday on Sunday April 7th at 4pm. It’s worthy it!


Camilla AKA Harriet Tubman