King of Beasts: Aesop’s Fables

Welcome to the Summer of 2013 – King of Beasts: Aesop’s Fables, written and directed by Bob Gautreau.

This summer we have some amazing children working with us. A lot of new ones and a few seasoned one’s. The processed is a well organized machine this summer -
We have a great director, Producer, Stage Manager, Set Designers, Lighting Designer, Amazing Volunteers, Costumes are complete just putting the finishing touches on
a musical that is both funny and has a message. Just my kind of show!

We have taken on children in this program and have allowed them to focus on what their needs are. It’s not easy in a world where no one listens to them.  They are included in the process entirely from beginning to end.  They are the program!

Our job as summer staff is to focus on the needs of each and every child, adult and volunteer. We are a family of people who actually really enjoy what we do.

I am deeply grateful for the amazing weeks we have been given thus far. The process has been a labor of love and understanding.

For the first time I have felt like
I could leave a project to itself and watch it take on a new direction of it’s own. I am gently guiding those who are in charge of the summer program so that they learn to lead
with a sense of love, compassion and understanding for each and every child in the program.

I have been facebook-ing these final days for the children.  See posting in my thoughts of the week post

We are always looking for new people to add to the family of fun!

Each year we choose and original play to produce with our kids during the summer Youth Theater.

Thank you for all things well!


Illustration by Kayla Barfield

Illustration by Kayla Barfield

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