Anybody home

As I have traveled to different places I am often reminded of things that remind me of home. The heart reminds me of home because it says open for those in need. What does it mean to leave your heart open?

There a saying that I have often heard…. Home is where the heart is… I ask again…. Is there anybody home?

Of course no one recently outside my realm has answered. Why? Could it be that they are too busy living in their ihome.

You know that home… Where you place your iPhone,mp3 player or some other device, which you’re connected to but nobody is home.

Leaving my heart open means I get experience my community in a whole new way. Recently I was invited to the 5th Annual Women Rising Conference in New Haven.

Attending that conference as a performer and speaker allowed me to leave my heart open for something new. New people, new moments, and new friends were made that day. I was home and ready to embrace my community and life from a new place and new perspective. When the question was asked again…. Is there anybody home? One hundred and fifty women said yes. Where home and were ready for business.

It’s nice to be home and know that the heart was waiting for you all along. Waiting for you to connect, to live and to accept what were not able to change. Sometimes being home means being with like minded souls who want make a difference.



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