The beauty of a woman and aging

The beauty of a woman seems to change as you age. At least that’s what I am experiencing. I have notice that at 49 that so many women are looking for alternatives to defining beauty and aging. I always thought that beauty is natural and that it comes from within.  Perhaps there is more to the story….

As of late  –  I have become accustomed to having more lady friends. I am recognizing that this can also relate to beauty  of being a woman and aging. Learning to truly appreciate the other woman for who she is.  I can now at 49 appreciate that in it’s full sense.

I certainly wasn’t one to have so many woman friends in my younger years – as they annoyed me to the point with their constant bickering, slighting comments of one another and not accepting of me being me. I cared not for that type of companionship.

I cared for the easy go lucky conversations without all the drama. I am not one to deal with all the drama. The She said details of daily life wasn’t and will never be my cup of tea, and I am a tea drinker.  I took to asking out-right these questions of the day only to find myself without female companionship. I was okay with that for well into my forties. It’s not that I didn’t love women.  I didn’t love some of the baggage that came with being one. There is equal baggage with being a man I am sure – I suspect I can just ask that question and have them answer. But not without all the testosterone to go along with it. The EgO identifier…. I call it.

I of course was a Tom boy!  Dresses were absolutely YUCK until my early forties, except for having to where them on occasion (my military days, and special occasions) that require my sure distinction of being a lady.

So What changed?



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