Actors help to shape the mind through theatre

As theatre shapes the mind, I find therapy in creating that which others may shy away from. Allowing the playwright to write the story in which actors bring to life is important to solving life’s problems.

An actors technique brings to life a character that is created to illuminate the aspects and mannerisms of different people. People watching is a skill. I can spend hours watching people, and  then analyze what makes them unique.

Does our culture dictate new mannerisms? Is a question that can be posed. Theatre shapes the mind to see life from a different perspective. How people walk, talk and connect to another gives the actor more to work from.

An actor must do their homework. Constantine Stanislavski says” when an actor is on stage they are in the here and now.” What does that mean to an actor? It means thT youre there and in it. You must take that in which you have created and make it truth. The eye truly is the window to the soul…. Finding truth in the creation, action and performance must be the ultimate goal.

Becoming one with your created character brings authenticity to your work is my belief. When the audience can’t connect you the actor with the portrayal of the character you have succeeded.

If the character your portraying is a true life character a channeling of energy must take place. Living and breathing every waking moment in their life is essential for you to become one is opinion.

My methods are just that… Mine. What works for me is that which I find myself immersed in daily. All day.

Camilla Ross,