About Me and Us

The beginnings of this blog starts with a family full of fun and good times. The Ross’s and Caruso’s.  The family comes together with Jack, Camilla, Michael, Jessica and Joe. We must not forget our pets – who are like our children. Cinnamon and Muffin.

RIP Elijah and Scratchy. (Our Cats) Rosie and Thomas (our Birds) We miss you all.

Let’s begin with Jack, who always has a smile regardless of the day and is a great husband who just loves life! 🙂  Camilla, that’s me! who continues to stay busy with teaching, theater and raising Joe. Michael, who is off in the Marines, serving proudly. Then there’s Jessica, Off on her own and taring up the streets of Boston. They are named Number 1, Number 2 and Number 3 in order of age of course.  All though Jess and Mike are out on their own, they are never far from our thoughts. We email and talk often and send things as necessary.

family-picture-1                                                                                 The early days





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