All About Us and Me over the years

Over the years I have grown immensely. I am not the person I thought I would be at this age. I am better. 

What’s it like to be turning 50?

For me it’s Exciting! I am taking more risk than I would have and venturing into new territory in personal growth.

Since 2008 I have been working on a new vision not just for my but the world at large. Removing the barriers that keep children from becoming what they want in their lives.

I have always loved culture, Herstory (Skip History) ( No I am not a devote feminist) But I do believe that women are the deeply important to our survival as a planet.

I am true to me! I have embarked on this adventure to do all that my heart desires. I am human and I am real.

I begun telling this modern day story of a life lived long ago. It’s an interesting story and I am enjoying each an every moment of it. It’s exciting, stimulating and it’s taking my heart in a new direction. It’s almost getting into trouble in a good way.

On June 19th,2013  I experience a moment in my life that I will never forget. I can’t. it’s humbling!

SECT Women’s Network Luncheon 6.19.13. Changing of the guard, Susan Dombrowski will bring the network to greatness. Susan and I with our Woman of the Year — with Camilla Ross.

This is just the beginning… I am meeting new people – Which is something I am in love with. I will be blogging about these experiences along the way.

Something else exciting after I turn 50 —is

From that honor above comes another;

I am pleased to announce that Camilla Ross, actress, director, producer,Founder and President of Emerson Theater Collaborative, CT will be joining us as one of our featured speakers at The Idea Circle for Women, 5th Annual Conference, “Women Rising” October 1st, 2013 at the beautiful Anthony’s Ocean View in New Haven, CT. Camilla is an advocate for women, in her own words; What is the value of a woman if not her own existence? Her value is priceless! “Women Matter”. Come meet Camilla and 20 other extraordinary women and one amazing man, as they shine their light and share their messages for a day that has been designed just for YOU! Early registration and savings is to open any day – sorry we have a glitch we are working out.

How exciting to representing amazing women around world!

Woman Matter!

June 19th ,2013  Women of The Year Photo

June 19th ,2013
Women of The Year Photo


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