2013 – A year in transition

The Emerson Theater Collaborative chose year 5 to return to a state of transition. To not rest on our laurels, yet to learn as we continue to grow.

As a company we chose to grow in a new directions. Seeking out projects that had deeper meaning about life, women and men.  Our season opened quietly, with nothing in tow until April 2013. I Am Worthy Project opened up a new realm for us a company. Tackling a deep and personal issue with the world at large. SUICIDE PREVENTION. On April 5th – 7th, 2013 Emerson Theater Collaborative presented The  Gospel According to Josh written by Josh Rivedal.

The journey of a young man learning to live with and through the journey of Suicide was an awakening for me as a Mother, Women, Wife, Educator and Friend.  My experiences of losing people to this committed Act… stopped me for a moment. A moment in which I made the choice to act instead of doing nothing.  We are all Worthy of Love, acceptance and Compassion. This was a collaboration between community, Arts and Business. It’s one that I will continue to do over and over and over.

The Pharaoh’s Daughter  by Amy Reifsynder in May 2013 was an experience I will NEVER forget. The journey through that was one that enlightened me to what producers really have to go through with playwrights.  The Work by Actress Claudia N. McCoy was extraordinary. As a performer she gave her all into creating her character  yet left just enough to perhaps learn more of her craft through  a different door.

I am proud of this work because the choices I made as a producer where right for the moment. The costume that was created by Diann Amici was nothing short of Spectacular,the sound choices that were made for the productions mode beautifully. Therese Broach the shows director, as always brings her vision to a piece and creates magic, where it might not have existed.

Summer 2013 – King of Beasts Aesop’s Fables by Bob Gautreau

Hour Farther A Reading by David Greer August 16th and 17th, 2013

Fight Night, by Judith Clinton –


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