Being a Mom is so worth it!

My son turns 22 today… So yeah! Being a mom is worth it.


A Revelation of Sorts – The Woman in Mother Earth is speaking

The Woman in Mother Earth is speaking…..

I wake up early with my creative mind working to bring the next message of someone’s life … To life. As a producer I get a lot of work that comes across my desk. I can’t produce them all for they don’t speak to my soul. However what I can do is produce the one that will have the most impact on the world. For its ripples will be forever felt in the ones who leave the theater and change the life of another.

The essence of my creation is the extension of my truth. I can’t wake up every morning and live a lie. I must live my truth. 

When I gave into my passion I came into my purpose. You must be able to tell the truth, live the truth and still face life when others don’t agree.

There will be those moments when others will try and take your truth and twist it for their purpose and gain. Let it go and let it be.

My life isn’t perfect. I am not perfect. But my creativity is that in which I allow my spirit to be free and untainted of another’s thoughts and wishes.

I believe in divine guidance. I am blessed to be able to see people through a lens that once frighten me. That which I thought was a curse became the blessing.

I believe there is a force of energy much greater than we are. In fact we are energy! We must use that energy for that which is good. Even when it means that you leave behind that which no longer serves the greater good of your purpose.

Not everyone was meant for your purpose but they came to teach you a lesson about YOU!    Something you need to LEARN about YOU.

As I mentioned last week in my thoughts….You can pretend and you can lie but your only hurting you.

Have you ever heard the phrase…. It’s not about you…. It’s about something much bigger than you?

It’s true!         How do I know?

I was born 1 pound 15 ounces in 1963. (Yes it’s true)….

If there isn’t something much bigger than me/us – then Houston we have a problem… (Smiles) My spirit lives to know the wonders of the universe.

I love Mother Earth, her splendor and her grand magnificent beauty.  She provides that I may live.

Producing the works in which I do have a direct connection and reflection on my love for her. I have shed layers of grief upon her but she continues to give back to me that in which I seek to know about her. I am helping to sustain Mother Earth….my way.

They say we should stay in the Present but I get excited about the future. For I believe that I can affect it. I continue to shed that which is no longer needed and giving into that which sustains me.

In 2015 a production about Mother Earth, US and life comes to life.


The beauty of a woman and aging

The beauty of a woman seems to change as you age. At least that’s what I am experiencing. I have notice that at 49 that so many women are looking for alternatives to defining beauty and aging. I always thought that beauty is natural and that it comes from within.  Perhaps there is more to the story….

As of late  –  I have become accustomed to having more lady friends. I am recognizing that this can also relate to beauty  of being a woman and aging. Learning to truly appreciate the other woman for who she is.  I can now at 49 appreciate that in it’s full sense.

I certainly wasn’t one to have so many woman friends in my younger years – as they annoyed me to the point with their constant bickering, slighting comments of one another and not accepting of me being me. I cared not for that type of companionship.

I cared for the easy go lucky conversations without all the drama. I am not one to deal with all the drama. The She said details of daily life wasn’t and will never be my cup of tea, and I am a tea drinker.  I took to asking out-right these questions of the day only to find myself without female companionship. I was okay with that for well into my forties. It’s not that I didn’t love women.  I didn’t love some of the baggage that came with being one. There is equal baggage with being a man I am sure – I suspect I can just ask that question and have them answer. But not without all the testosterone to go along with it. The EgO identifier…. I call it.

I of course was a Tom boy!  Dresses were absolutely YUCK until my early forties, except for having to where them on occasion (my military days, and special occasions) that require my sure distinction of being a lady.

So What changed?



Anybody home

As I have traveled to different places I am often reminded of things that remind me of home. The heart reminds me of home because it says open for those in need. What does it mean to leave your heart open?

There a saying that I have often heard…. Home is where the heart is… I ask again…. Is there anybody home?

Of course no one recently outside my realm has answered. Why? Could it be that they are too busy living in their ihome.

You know that home… Where you place your iPhone,mp3 player or some other device, which you’re connected to but nobody is home.

Leaving my heart open means I get experience my community in a whole new way. Recently I was invited to the 5th Annual Women Rising Conference in New Haven.

Attending that conference as a performer and speaker allowed me to leave my heart open for something new. New people, new moments, and new friends were made that day. I was home and ready to embrace my community and life from a new place and new perspective. When the question was asked again…. Is there anybody home? One hundred and fifty women said yes. Where home and were ready for business.

It’s nice to be home and know that the heart was waiting for you all along. Waiting for you to connect, to live and to accept what were not able to change. Sometimes being home means being with like minded souls who want make a difference.