One Moment Before Tomorrow Comes

As Autumn has taken hold and the trees lose their leaves, I am reminded that changes come whether we want it to or not, It’s inevitable. How we deal with that changes that come are what is important. As the moments tick away on my brother in law Alan’s life, I am made more aware of my life. The moments I have spent with Alan have been some of the best. He comes in and out speaking moments of happiness. I come to realize, that as I  continue to be without my spouse during these moments. It makes the precious all the more so. Giving of oneself can be hard sometimes, especially when you are being pulled in so many different directions. We manage daily to communicate from a distance life brings on a new perspective. Nothing is certain. One moment on top of another. Trying to raise a teenager who has the teenage issues, brings you back to your teenage years, and the funny part is, is that you still do not have the answer.  You can live through and still not have the words, but a listening ear works best. Trying not to solve all the problems.  It’s hard to be a parent, but it is the best gift in the world. How I would have loved to a mother to all the worlds needy children. However God gave me my gift and I has been a wonderfully hard experience.  It’s one moment before tomorrow comes are you ready for whatever comes your way?

Go gentle into the night,