Corporate America has issues and Life changes you.

The past weeks have been so busy. Trying to work the kinks out in corporate america can be exhausting. Trying to find where you fit in the scope of your day. Thank goodness I have the sense to just stop now and rest. God I love it!

As corporate american remains oblivious of the peoples needs, I strongly suspect that people start waking  up and take their lives back. Have you ever said “What about my needs?” Stress in the work place can be a killer. Literally! So many people bring their jobs home with them.  Well… There goes that peace Sanctuary. Here’s my 2 cents!


Corporate America should recognize that their business success depends on their employees. (Not your CEO or CFO) Your family and health must come first.  Right? Well. There is that delimma that so many face. Especially if they are sick. Stay at home and get better or go to work and risk getting everyone else sick or making yourself worse. There should not be such a delimma in the work place. Nothing should come between the employee’s health and their family time. You can die rich and never get to enjoy it. Or you can remove the green backs from your mind, and find solace in knowing what you have is ENOUGH.

As we age, we begin to realize the truth of our existence even if it’s just for a moment. The challenges that face me are small compared to someone else’s. Another’s journey is just as valid as mine. What about you? Do you feel yourself changing? I do. I care less about certain things, and care more about people’s needs compared to my own.  I have always cared about other people before myself. So why should aging be any different? I suspect its the proces now of how I care.

When I am working in the theater I care more about the process my people are taking on their journey to being whole. Theater for me is a way of healing. I take the issues of life and re-create them on the stage so all can find their truth. We have so many complex people in the world, and I would love to take them and examine their brain to see what kind of theater I could create out of the mess in their brains. Weird huh?

As I continue my path of healing people through theater, I am reminded not to take on to much, because in the end it’s me who will pay the price.

I will suffer because, I will have done to much and now have to recover my mind and body for a week. However, as I say what I say. I am reminded  in life’s essence that in truth WE ARE ALL WORTHY of each other.

April 5th – 7th, 2013 at Union Baptist Church, 119 High Street, Mystic CT. We will embark on a mission I have been working on for years.

The I Am Worthy Project: Will bring family and Community back together to have a conversation about Suicide Prevention. We will begin to rebuild our community from the inside out.  The Arts initiated Weekend will be the beginning of something amaZing! Before you lay down tonight tell someone that they are Worthy. They are Worthy of being your friend, husband, wife, brother, sister, mother,father or significant other.

Or most importantly!  They are Worthy of just being themselves.

Peace, Love and Light,